2016 Annual Meeting Celebrates Cullman EC’s 80th Anniversary

2016 Annual Meeting Celebrates Cullman EC’s 80th Anniversary

More than 1,400 Cullman Electric Cooperative members attended the co-op’s 80th Annual Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016 at Northbrook Church.

Despite a few rain showers, an estimated total crowd of close to 3,000 people enjoyed a morning of music, food, games, co-op vendor booths and a health fair.

Elections were held for three of the co-op’s board of trustee seats. Incumbents Lynda Carter (District 2), James Fields (District 4) and Daryl W. Calvert (District 6) were re-elected. A total of 6,797 co-op members voted in the election.

Cullman EC president & CEO Grady Smith announced that TVA has scheduled a 1% rate increase, effective Oct. 1, 2016. The TVA rate change will increase the power bill of the average residential co-op member approximately $1.50 per month. The increase will be a straight pass-through for Cullman EC to TVA. Cullman EC will not retain any of this revenue.

A total of 1,470 members registered at the meeting. They each received a $15 bill credit as well as a copy of the co-op’s 80th Anniversary book. Registered members who attended also entered the grand prize drawing for a 2006 Chevy Colorado truck. Mr. Jerry S. Trousdale was the winner.

All members who registered and voted either by mail or at the meeting entered the drawing to win one of 20 $100 power bill credits. The winners were:

  1. Justin Hill
  2. Charles M Boulton
  3. Charles R David
  4. Amanda J Miller
  5. Keith Carter (declined credit)
  6. Betty W Prince
  7. Bradley S Vandiver
  8. David Adair
  9. Mildred G Frank
  10. Edward Hart
  11. Pauline Jones
  12. Rex A Whitaker
  13. E J Boatright
  14. Heather P Roberts
  15. Linda R Woodruff
  16. Brenton C Rhodes
  17. Marshall D Malcom
  18. Lissy M Robbins
  19. Edward W Rakestraw
  20. Lacy R Bailey
  21. Martha J Wisner


Election results:

District 2: Lynda Carter – 3,240; Dale Harbin – 1,897; Sheila Sizemore – 1,346

District 4: James Fields – 4,180; Cherrie Gamble Haney – 2,330

District 6: Daryl W. Calvert – 3,166; Mark Johnson – 2,189; Daren McCormick – 1,118

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