Alabama SAF-T-NET

Alabama SAF-T-NET


Alabama SAF-T-Net is a weather alerting system that uses mobile technology to deliver severe weather warnings and alerts to subscribers. The service is being offered at no cost in Alabama, and citizens can enroll through a simple web-based form.saftnet-logo
“We live in a time when almost everyone has a mobile phone,” said Grady Smith, president and CEO of Cullman Electric Cooperative. “SAF-T-Net takes advantage of that to quickly inform people of weather threats. We encourage our members to sign up for excellent service.”

Cullman EC has joined SAF-T-Net’s network of media partners. Now members can click the SAF-T-Net logo on the co-op’s website and instantly reach the form to enroll in the weather alert program.

One unique feature of SAF-T-Net is that it allows subscribers to enter up to four different addresses. You can choose to receive alerts affecting your child at school, a spouse at work, an aging parent or any other location in the state where you need weather information.

Traditionally, weather warnings have been issued on a county-by-county basis. However, severe weather often tracks a path that impacts some communities while leaving other communities in the same county unaffected. SAF-T-Net issues storm-based, or polygon, warnings that are more specific than traditional, countywide warnings. These warnings can help citizens to know who is truly in danger of being affected by a tornado, severe thunderstorm or flash flood.

While SAF-T-Net is designed to reach you with weather warnings anywhere you have mobile service, those without a mobile phone can still benefit from the free service. Sign up and enter your home phone, and SAF-T-Net will send and automated voice call to a landline in the event of a tornado warning.

When subscribers receive an alert from SAF-F-Net, they can be assured it is time to take precautions. SAF-T-Net issues alerts for warnings only — which are issued by the National Weather Service when a confirmed threat exists for your area — so you can take appropriate action.