Report An Outage

Please call 256-737-3201 or 800-242-1806 or send a text to report a power outage.


View the live outage map.

An additional option for reporting a power outage is to text message.

STEP 1 — To sign up: Text CECIN to 85700. Confirm your address, and save the 85700 phone number in your contact list for future use.

STEP 2 — To report a power outage: Text #OUT to 85700. Confirm your address, and your outage is registered in the co-op's outage management system.

Account information and outage reporting are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the cooperative’s automated account information system. You may access the automated account information system at 256-737-3201. For all other business, please Contact Us.

Test Outage Instructions